[FieldTrip] Much faster lcmv beamformer with mtimesx

Bruno L. Giordano brungio at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 20:16:20 CEST 2015


I worked on optimizing the beamformer lcmv function, and got 
improvements that might be quite interesting.

I am beamforming a 54k time points x 240 sensors signal on a 44k nodes 
grid. On a 16 cores machine it takes around 520 s to do it using the 
beamformer_lcmv function (fixedori = 'yes') , whereas it takes around 26 
s to do it on the same machine using the optimized function.

To achieve the speed up, I stack the filters on different pages of a 3D 
matrix, and use mtimesx to do the projection, with one single command, 
and no for loop across the grid nodes. Mtimesx is called in 'MATLAB' 
mode: more improvements are likely if it is called using one of the 
other faster options. I am also keeping the projection as one single 
matrix, instead of redistributing across a cell structure with one 
element per grid node (this operation also takes quite some time).

Mtimesx can be downloaded here:


If you are interested, I can share the hacked lcmv beamformer function.



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