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You should specify cfg.surffile really as the path to the file, and not read in the content apriori. This section here might help (the ‘exercise’ part of the tutorial lists a cfg-example for surface plotting).








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Your code is right I also encouter the same problem but you can project on the surface with ft_plot_mesh

ft_plot_mesh(bnd, 'vertexcolor', m);
bnd is the your source modle and m is avg.pow value


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Dear Fieldtrip Users,



I used the surface file "cortex_5124.surf.gii" to restrict sources on cortex. I wonder how I can plot powermaps on surface?




even I save it's output in a new .mat file: "sourcemodel.mat" and tried 

cgf.surffile =  'sourcemodel.mat';


in either case the function "ft_sourceplot"  gives error.


cfg = [];

cfg.method         = 'surface';

cfg.funparameter   = 'avg.pow';

cfg.funcolormap    = 'jet';


ft_sourceplot(cfg, src)


In my code I have defined surface vertices and triangles, as well as power per vertex, I wonder What is wrong in my code? 


Many Thanks in advance,






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