[FieldTrip] cfg structure for plotting topographical maps

Charles West abarnyeu at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 5 05:03:02 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,

I am new to FieldTrip and am confused about the cfg structure that is required for running Field Trip functions.  I would like to plot the topographical maps of a frequency range (e.g. 5 to 10 Hz) using Field Trip.  I used the besa2fieldtrip function to create data.

I receive the following error message when running ft_topoplotER.  Please let me know why the following error appears.  Many thanks!

Charles West

>>cfg.layout = 'layout.lay';
>>cfg.parameter = 'avg'
>>ft_topoplotER(cfg, data);
reading layout from file layout.lay
the call to "ft_prepare_layout" took 0 seconds
Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.

Error in ft_datatype_sens (line 136)
nchan = length(sens.label);

Error in ft_datatype_timelock (line 99)
      timelock.elec = ft_datatype_sens(timelock.elec);

Error in ft_checkdata (line 227)
  data = ft_datatype_timelock(data);

Error in topoplot_common (line 74)
data = ft_checkdata(data, 'datatype', {'comp', 'timelock', 'freq'});

Error in ft_topoplotER (line 192)
cfg = topoplot_common(cfg, varargin{:});

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