[FieldTrip] Questions about matrix lead field

Tzvetan Popov tzvetan.popov at uni-konstanz.de
Mon Sep 22 17:14:32 CEST 2014

Hi Gamaliel,

> Hi Experts 
> My problem is as follows: 
> I need generate a 3D head model from a resonance, then co register this head model with  10-20 electrode system to create my lead field matrix.
this will work if you have the 3D position of the electrodes.  
> According to the tutorial: 
> "Creating a volume conduction model of the head for source reconstruction of EEG-data" 
> I have generated head model but I do not have the lead field correctly done, because I do not know that function gives me the coregistration with the electrode system and tutorial only goes to show the volume generated with the electrodes on the surface. 
see here how to co-register the electrodes (scroll down to the bottom of the page): 

please note that using the search field with search terms “coregister electrodes” leads you to this page ;-). Also check the help of the function ft_electroderealign
> Finally I need is to know how I can co-register my head model with my electrode system to generate my lead field matrix.
see above
> I also need to know how into matrix can I simulate dipole sources for then perform analysis of source reverse. 
simulating a dipole is usually done with ft_dipolesimulation. Also the first part of this recently introduced FAQ gives you an example how to do this:


good luck

> I hope you can help 
> greetings 
> Bless
> -- 
> Gamaliel Huerta
> Ingeniería Civil Biomédica
> Universidad de Valparaíso
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