[FieldTrip] applying ica rejection to differently epoched data

Russell G Port russgport at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 16:08:39 CEST 2014

Hi All,

I have a question, which I hope someone can help with. Currently I read in
my dataset (*.ds) via standard fieldtrip commands, epoching 1 second bins
for the length of the data. After proper removal of all jump and muscle
artifact, I apply ICA to the resample data (now 300Hz before it was
1200Hz). This is just like fieldtrip's website suggests. Then I verify
which components I want to remove via topoplots and coherence in the time
domain with the ECG channels. So I now have the list of components that I
think are artifact and want removed. Can these components be applied for
 rejection onto the same dataset, but differently parsed into epochs, now
trials being centered 1 second bins around a trigger? I am trying to see if
this works, because I hope if I include more data in the ICA analysis (all
data in the dataset) I will get a better components since there are more
trials to train the data on, rather than if I based trials around the
trigger. I guess what I want to know is if I can get better estimates of my
artifacts via using a larger dataset, and then apply then to the same
dataset just differently epoched?

Russ Port
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