[FieldTrip] Cluster-based permutation tests for between-subject design

Dylan DeLosAngeles dylan.delosangeles at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 02:32:41 CEST 2014


So far, the tutorial on "Cluster-based permutation tests on time-frequency
data" has been very helpful.

Out of the four combinations from the two UO-types (subjects and trials)
and the two experimental designs (between- and within-UO), the tutorial
covers statistics on data in two conditions in a between-trials, in a
within-trials and in a within-subjects design. However, I am wondering if
there is any information about the fourth type of experiment design:

I have data for 2 groups with 12 subjects in each group. Both groups are
measured during 11 conditions.
Can I approach this in a similar fashion to within-subjects design
(multiple subjects in multiple experimental conditions), such that my
design is multiple *groups* in multiple experimental conditions. Is it a
case of first averaging over all trials belonging to each of the
experimental conditions for each subject (as instructed in tutorial), and
then averaging over all subjects in each group?

Configuration code for setting up the design currently looks like this;
grp = 2;
subj = 11;
design = zeros(2, subj*grp);

for i = 1:grp
    design(1,i:2:end) = i;

idx = 1;
for i = 1:subj
    design(2,idx:idx+1) = i;
    idx = idx+2;

Is there anything else I need to take into consideration when doing these

Thank you,
Dr Dylan DeLosAngeles
Research Fellow
Brain Signal Laboratory
Flinders University
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