[FieldTrip] Error: Undefined function 'mxSerialize_cpp'

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Hi Vitoria,
Sara Rombetto asked the same question last week (or the week before) ;-), and Jörn provided an adequate answer. See below, with credits to Jörn...

Hi Sara,

I guess you are not using a mac. What you describe concerns bug 2452 on our Bugzilla page:
which pertains to some undocumented change in Matlab. Therefore it is necessary to use a different mxserialize function that from matlab 2014a onwards  than before. This is a c++ function, which requires to be compiled for each platform independently. In FieldTrip, this file exists e.g. in fileio/private but only for MacOS 64-bit platforms. Apparently, we still need to compile it for MacOS 32bit, Windows and Linux platforms. I guess we should do that quite soon ;) I'll bring it up in today's FT meeting so that hopefully from tomorrow onwards it should work.

btw, for you it will help to go to the FieldTrip/src directory in Matlab and type
>> mex mxSerialize_cpp.cpp

Then Matlab will mex (~compile) the file for you. You can then copy that file to your matlab code directory and everything should work out fine for you. I'll keep you updated on this.




On May 19, 2014, at 11:14 PM, Vitoria Piai wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm getting a low-level error (below) when running ft_singleplotER to plot FFTs.
> I recently changed to Matlab2014a so I'm guessing that's why I'm getting the error (different FT versions give same error for as far back in time as I could come). Does anyone know a way around this issue?
> Thanks a lot, Vitoria
> Undefined function 'mxSerialize_cpp' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
> Error in mxSerialize (line 35)
>  argout = mxSerialize_cpp(argin);
> Error in ft_preamble_provenance (line 67)
>    cfg.callinfo.inputhash{iargin} = CalcMD5(mxSerialize(tmparg));
> Error in ft_preamble (line 54)
>  evalin('caller', ['ft_preamble_' cmd]);
> Error in ft_singleplotER (line 109)
> ft_preamble provenance varargin
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