[FieldTrip] Error: Undefined function 'mxSerialize_cpp'

Vitoria Piai v.piai.research at gmail.com
Mon May 19 23:14:30 CEST 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm getting a low-level error (below) when running ft_singleplotER to 
plot FFTs.
I recently changed to Matlab2014a so I'm guessing that's why I'm getting 
the error (different FT versions give same error for as far back in time 
as I could come). Does anyone know a way around this issue?
Thanks a lot, Vitoria

Undefined function 'mxSerialize_cpp' for input arguments of type 'struct'.

Error in mxSerialize (line 35)
   argout = mxSerialize_cpp(argin);

Error in ft_preamble_provenance (line 67)
     cfg.callinfo.inputhash{iargin} = CalcMD5(mxSerialize(tmparg));

Error in ft_preamble (line 54)
   evalin('caller', ['ft_preamble_' cmd]);

Error in ft_singleplotER (line 109)
ft_preamble provenance varargin

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