[FieldTrip] Combine Fieldtrip with BCI2000

Luca Mossa mossa.luca86 at gmail.com
Fri May 9 12:38:05 CEST 2014

Dear community,

My name is Luca Mossa and I'm working in a company in Turin (Italy) on BCI
Currently I'm trying to develop some Matlab code to improve the signal
processing process.

I'm currently trying to use FieldTripBuffer (in matlab) as the Signal
Processing module for a mu rhythm application. I have no problems to read
the raw signal and states but I have trouble to find a way to sent the
processing result back to Bci for the classification.

Thanks to Mr. Oostenveld now I know that I must use the ft_write_event
function but when I tried to use my code (with ft_write_event function)
appears an error:

Error using buffer
events must be given as struct.

Error in ft_write_event
buffer('put_evt', event, host, port)

Now I think that I must define some parameters, like:


but I don't understand which kind of value to insert in these field. Have
you some hint? Did you make me some example?

Thank you very much.

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