[FieldTrip] coregister EEG MRI from concurrent recording

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Mon Mar 24 15:34:45 CET 2014

Dear Christine,

I have the same problem, but haven't found a very fast and easy way to do

However, I found a tool, which helps a lot:

Maybe anyone else has better ways of doing it and could share his thoughts?
All the best

2014-03-24 8:54 GMT+01:00 jan-mathijs schoffelen <
jan.schoffelen at donders.ru.nl>:

> Dear Christine,
> I am forwarding your question to the FieldTrip discussion list. No doubt
> somebody with hands-on experience can give you a much better reply than I
> could.
> If you haven't subscribed to the list: this would be the time to do so ;-).
> Best wishes,
> Jan-Mathijs
> On Mar 24, 2014, at 7:43 AM, Cong Christine Guo wrote:
> Dear Jan-Mathijs
> I just have a very naive question on the EEG-MRI coregistration - for
> source reconstruction.
> For us, we actually do concurrent EEG-MRI.  I read the gold standard is to
> use the 3D digitalisor (fastrack) system to record the sensor space.  But
> since we are doing concurrent recording, we can actually see most of the
> electrode on the T1 images (due to small signal distortion, the electrodes
> look like small dents on the scalp).  To me, who has not done EEG before,
> this information should be useful for co-register EEG with MRI? and
> potentially be better than register everything to the three landmark.
>  Does Fieldtrip have functions that might work with such configuration?  I
> imagine we could do a first automated co-reg as a first rough estimate, and
> maybe manually line up the electrode with T1.
> Best regards
> Christine
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