[FieldTrip] coregister EEG MRI from concurrent recording

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Dear Christine,

I am forwarding your question to the FieldTrip discussion list. No doubt somebody with hands-on experience can give you a much better reply than I could.
If you haven't subscribed to the list: this would be the time to do so ;-).

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On Mar 24, 2014, at 7:43 AM, Cong Christine Guo wrote:

> Dear Jan-Mathijs
> I just have a very naive question on the EEG-MRI coregistration - for source reconstruction.
> For us, we actually do concurrent EEG-MRI.  I read the gold standard is to use the 3D digitalisor (fastrack) system to record the sensor space.  But since we are doing concurrent recording, we can actually see most of the electrode on the T1 images (due to small signal distortion, the electrodes look like small dents on the scalp).  To me, who has not done EEG before, this information should be useful for co-register EEG with MRI? and potentially be better than register everything to the three landmark.  
>  Does Fieldtrip have functions that might work with such configuration?  I imagine we could do a first automated co-reg as a first rough estimate, and maybe manually line up the electrode with T1.  
> Best regards
> Christine

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