[FieldTrip] MEG grad data after ICA cleaning

Frédéric Roux f.roux at bcbl.eu
Thu Mar 6 11:01:02 CET 2014

Dear Haiteng,

thx for your response.

The reason why the grad field did not appear in my data-structure was that
there was no grad field prior to the call to ft_rejectomponent.

After modifying my code to:

data.grad = data.hdr.grad;

cfg = [];
cfg.component = comp_idx;
new_data = ft_rejectcomponent(cfg,comp,data);

I found that new_data has a grad field which has been adjusted for the rejected

A question related to this issue is whether it matters if I used two different
fieldtrip versions for doing the ICA decomposition (fieldtrip-20131120) vs. 
component rejection (fieldtrip-20140304)?
Does anyone know if there are any changes between these versions that could 
have an effect on my data?

Best regards,


Frédéric Roux

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Hi Fred, 

I use the same code , but the updated grad is stored in the data. meg_data.hdr.grad is the grad before ICA. After ICA , grad needs to be adjusted ,which is used for the later source reconstruction . Do you have the latest FT ? 



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Dear all, 

I am using ICA to clean my MEG-data before source analysis. 

My code looks as follows: 

cfg = []; 
cfg.component = [comp_idx]; 

meg_data = ft_rejectcomponent(cfg,comp,meg_data); 

However, after the call to ft_rejectcomponent there is no grad field in 
the meg_data structure. Rather, the grad field ist located under 

Is this the grad-field that I am supposed to use further downstream in the 
analysis pipeline, or should there be a grad-field under meg_data.grad? 

Any help would be much appreciated. 



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