[FieldTrip] Bipolar neonatal montage -.lay

Harsimrat Singh singhharsimrat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 17:45:07 CET 2014

Hi All

I was wondering how to create a .lay file for a bipolar montage e.g. the
conventional banana shaped neonatal montage - something like
'FP1-T3'    'T3-O1'    'FP1-C3'    'C3-O1'    'Fz-Cz'    'Cz-Pz'
'FP2-C4'    'C4-O2'    'FP2-T4'    'T4-O2'    'T3-C3'    'C3-CZ'
'CZ-C4'    'CZ-PZ'    'C4-T4'

Best regards
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