[FieldTrip] appending data from two recordings

Phyllis Mania phyllis.mania at uni-hamburg.de
Fri Mar 14 11:47:44 CET 2014

Hi all,


I've been trying to append data from two datasets that were read in and
segmented into trials separately.

Whenever I do so all events get mixed up, i.e., eventvalues that were not
specified for ft_definetrial (and ft_redefinetrial) show up in the
databrowser and the original events of interest are not aligned to 0

The warning I get is "input data comes from different datafiles; removing
sampleinfo field".


Is there another way to combine data from different recordings? I use Vision
Recorder and subjects need to take a break during the experiment, which is
why I end up with two datasets in the first place.


I figured that combining the datasets before defining trials would be more
efficient anyway but then I don't know how to read in all events (since
ft_definetrial requires one dataset).


Thanks in advance!




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