[FieldTrip] degrees of freedom

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Hi Roy,


Fieldtrip allows you to create and use your own functions to calculate
statistics. What you could also do is adjust the indepsamplesT statistic
function (fieldtrip/statfun/ft_statfun_indepsamplesT.m) to suite your
needs (E.g. change the Df in line 89).  






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Hi all,

I'm using ft_timelockstatistics with indepsamplesT to compare spatial
topographies between two groups (n=15 and n=13). The measure I'm
interested in has no time dimension, so I basically have one sample per
electrode for each subject.


This works fine (I get the effects I hoped for). In order to make the
statistics 'slightly more valid', however, I need to adjust the degrees of
freedom. That is, the data I'm comparing between groups has already had a
covariate taken out. So df has to be df-1.

Doesn't look like Fieldtrip allows you to set this in the cfg struct
somewhere, so any suggestions where I need to hack?




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