[FieldTrip] 'Synaesthesia in Perspective' symposium programme update: registration still open

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Mon Jan 27 16:31:23 CET 2014

Dear all,

The programme of our symposium ' Synaesthesia in Perspective' has been finalized and the on line version now lists presentation titles: http://www.multisense.org/index.php/symposium-2014. Registration is still possible via the website.

Taking place in Hamburg, Germany on February 28th and March 1st, 2014, the 2-day symposium includes presentations from highly renowned speakers on the topics of synaesthesia and multisensory processing. Besides contributions from invited speakers, the symposium includes posters sessions during which participants are invited to present their studies. Registration through the website is free but mandatory. Registration is still open for those who have not yet registered. Please register as soon as possible!

Topic outline: Synaesthesia is a fascinating phenomenon in which different senses are mixed. For synaesthetes, specific sensory stimuli automatically trigger additional perceptual experiences. Studying synaesthesia is interesting by itself; the aim of the symposium, however, is to put synaesthesia in perspective by also emphasizing the relationships of synaesthesia with other fields of study, such as multisensory processing, sensory substitution, development of sensory processing, and connectivity in sensory systems.

Confirmed speakers: Peter König, Andreas Engel, Brigitte Röder, Christopher Sinke, Jianwei Zhang, Amir Amedi, Anil Seth, Charles Spence, Christoph Kayser, Danko Nikolic, Devin Blair Terhune, Jamie Ward, Julia Simner, Fiona Newell, Micah Murray, Nicolas Rothen, Olympia Colizoli, Petra Stoerig, David Brang, Romke Rouw, Mark Wallace, Tessa M. van Leeuwen, Virginie van Wassenhove, Toemme Noesselt, Uta Noppeney, and Alexandra Kirschner

For more information, please visit our website (http://www.multisense.org/index.php/symposium-2014) or send an email to the organizers at symposium2014 at multisense.org<mailto:symposium2014 at multisense.org>.

We would be very happy to welcome you in Hamburg!

Best regards,
The Organizing Committee
(Tessa M. van Leeuwen, Sina A. Trautmann-Lengsfeld, Peter König, Jianwei Zhang, Andreas K. Engel)

Tessa van Leeuwen, PhD
postdoctoral researcher

Department of Neurophysiology
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Deutschordenstr. 46
60528 Frankfurt am Main

tessa.van-leeuwen at brain.mpg.de<mailto:tessa.van-leeuwen at brain.mpg.de>
T: +49 (0)69 96769 240

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