[FieldTrip] Urgent: Error in Source Statistics, Group level

Chaitanya Srinivas chaitanya.pro at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 08:46:24 CET 2014

Dear fieldtrip users,
I would like to do sourcestatistics on a group level with eeg data. I have a
pre and post intervention measurement for each of my 10 subjects
. After source reconstruction using an DICS beamformer
and volume normalization, I calculated the sourcegrandaverage for the pre and
post condition and i have avg.pow for each subject.

 However, when I use the grandaverage results in ft_sourcestatistics in the
configuration shown below and plot the result I just get a blank anatomical
mri. It only runs with cfg.parameter="pow" .I tried with cfg.parameter
= 'avg.pow' it doesnt run.
Do I have to set any additional parameters or am I making some mistake?

cfg.dim         = grandAVGsourcePre.dim;
cfg.method      = 'montecarlo';
cfg.statistic   = 'depsamplesT';
cfg.parameter   = 'pow';
cfg.correctm    = 'cluster';
cfg.numrandomization = 1000;
cfg.alpha       = 0.05;
cfg.tail        = 0;

cfg.design(1,:) = [1:nsubj 1:nsubj];
cfg.design(2,:) = [ones(1,nsubj) ones(1,nsubj)*2];
cfg.uvar        = 1;
cfg.ivar        = 2;
stat = ft_sourcestatistics(cfg, grandAVGsourcePre, grandAVGsourcePost);

*and next interpolation*
 cfg                                       = [];
 cfg.voxelcoord                      = 'no';
 cfg.parameter                       = 'mask';
 cfg.interpmethod                   = 'nearest';
 cfg.coordsys                        = 'mni';
 mask                                  = ft_sourceinterpolate(cfg,stat,mri);
 statplot.mask                      = mask.mask;

*and then for plotting*
cfg = [];
cfg.method        = 'slice';
cfg.funparameter  = 'stat';
cfg.maskparameter = 'mask';
   cfg.funcolorlim   = [-0.1 0.1];
   cfg.opacitylim    = [-0.1 0.1];
ft_sourceplot(cfg, statplot);


*[image: Inline image 1]*
*Best Regards*

*Chaitanya Srinivas Lanka Wiss. Mitarbeiter

*PhD StudentFunctional and Restorative Neurosurgery Neural Information
ProcessingNeurosurgical University Hospital*

*             Graduate Training Center for Neuroscience  Eberhard Karls
University                          Eberhard Karls University
Österbergstr. 3*
*  D-72076 Tuebingen                                    **D-72074 Tuebingen*

*Mobile Phone Number : +49-176-79035731*
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