[FieldTrip] connectivity analysis with rereferenced EEG data

Victoria Schröder victorias at dsv.su.se
Fri Jan 3 16:38:32 CET 2014


I am trying to do a connectivity analysis with Fieldtrip. I recorded 
the EEG data with a BioSemi system without choosing a reference channel.
Thus i need to select a reference in Fieldtrip. I did that during 
ft_preprocessing(cfg) by using the following code:

however when i later want to do the ft_mvaranalysis(cfg, Data) i get 
the following error:
Matrix must be positive definite

I read that this error probably occurs because the cfg.reref procedure 
changes the ranks of the data matrix.However, i need to rereference my 

Do somebody know a solution?

All the best and thank you in advance

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