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Bart Michiels michielb at tcd.ie
Mon Feb 17 10:49:40 CET 2014

Hey Ed,

Just need your opinion (as prof will ask the same to you):
Would this be a good event to attend?


On 17 February 2014 07:59, Robert Oostenveld <r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl>wrote:

> Dear FieldTrip mailing list
> On May 6-9, 2014 we will host the "Toolkit of Cognitive Neuroscience:
> advanced data analysis and source modelling of EEG and MEG data" at the
> Donders Institute in Nijmegen.
> This 4-day toolkit course will teach you advanced MEG and EEG data
> analysis skills. Preprocessing, frequency analysis, source reconstruction
> and various statistical methods will be covered. The toolkit will consist
> of a number of lectures, followed by hands-on sessions in which you will be
> tutored through the complete analysis of an MEG data set using the
> FieldTrip toolbox. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and
> discuss analysis methods pertaining to your reseach questions. In the last
> hands-on session you will get started with the analysis on the data that
> you will bring yourself
> The registration for this toolkit course is now open and can be found on
> http://www.ru.nl/donders/course-information/courses/toolkit-cognitive-4/<http://www.ru.nl/donders/course-information/2013courses/toolkit-cognitive-4/>
> The fee for senior participants is EURO 400. The (PhD) student fee is EURO 200.
> Registration fee includes coffee/tea, Dutch sandwich lunches and one dinner.
> Please note that in the past years the course was oversubscribed and we
> expect that as well for this year. We will be able to host approximately 40
> participants and consequently we are likely to be required to make a
> selection that is based on the information that you provide on the
> registration form. Note that neither being a very novice or a very expert
> in EEG/MEG disqualifies you from participating; we select the participants
> on basis of their motivation, research background and skills, and whether
> we expect the course to pay off for the participant (i.e. whether there is
> a match between course content and the expectations and requirements for
> fruitfull use of the analysis methods that we'll cover). Furthermore, we
> try to make a nice group of participants with a homogenous level and with
> sufficient broad coverage of research interests. The deadline for the
> initial registration is March 14, 2014.
> You can have a look at our Facebook page on
> http://www.facebook.com/fieldtriptoolbox to get an impression from the
> previous "MEG/EEG toolkit courses".
> Best regards,
> Robert Oostenveld and Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen
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