[FieldTrip] Plotting fieldtrip porcessed data with EMEGS

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Dear Barbara,

as far as I remember, the easies way to interact with EMEGS is using ASCII-Files, which you then convert to their own SCADS format. I'm pretty sure there is a function for this (ascii2scads.m or something).

So the way to go - as long as it's just for visualization - would be:
* Export your Grand Average  (.avg field in your ERP data) as ASCII with rows for channels and colums for time points.
* Convert ASCII files to SCADS

Note, that you need a 3d Sensor position file in order to plot the EMEGS data.

Good Luck,


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Am 04.02.2014 um 14:52 schrieb Barbara Schorr:

> Dear Fieldtripers,
> I would like to make graphics (topoplots) of ERP data I processed in fieldtrip. For first visualization I usually just use ft_topoplotTFR. Now I want to try EMEGS and the implemented 3D plots.
> I am not sure how to import my timelocked data into EMEGS. Can anybody help? I also asked the EMEGS developers for help, but I thought I also try it here, because maybe someone else already did this.
> I hope I was clear enough, and I would appreciate any help.
> Best regards,
> Barbara Schorr
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