[FieldTrip] Still about channel repair

Ivano Triggiani ivano_triggiani at yahoo.it
Tue Feb 4 18:01:07 CET 2014

Hi Fieldtrippers,

I read many answers about problems on channel repair, but still something miss me to understand hot to fix a channel. I tried with:
cfg                = [];
replace_channels   = ft_channelselection('gui',hdr.label);
cfg.badchannel     = replace_channels;
cfg.layout         = 'EEG_layout.lay';
cfg.method         = 'triangulation';
cfg.elecfile       = 'EEG_cap.sfp';
cfg.neighbours     = neighbours;
cfg.trials         = 'all';
elec.label         = hdr.label;
data.elec          = ft_prepare_layout(cfg);
repaired_data      = ft_channelrepair(cfg,rawdataout);

but it returns:
??? Error using ==> ft_channelrepair at 92
the data should contain either an electrode or a gradiometer definition

I cannot find into documentation what it means.
I guess I have to specify the kind of measurement (EEG/MEG), but where?
Furthermore I read the docs about electrode position , channel position and so on, but can we get some example?

Thanks a lot,



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