[FieldTrip] Correction baseline : removing the mean value or high-pass filtering ?

Stephen Politzer-Ahles spa268 at nyu.edu
Sat Dec 13 14:04:25 CET 2014

Hello Emmanuelle,

I don't think a high-pass filter can replace demeaning. A high-pass filter
removes a linear trend, but not a fixed value. Imagine a case where a trial
is a flat line at 100 uV for the whole epoch; demeaning would change this
trial to 0 uV for the whole epoch, whereas a high-pass filter would (I
think) not change it.

Detrending, on the other hand, removes a linear trend. There was a
discussion very recently on this list discussing detrending vs. high-pass
filtering, so you may be interested in checking it out.


Stephen Politzer-Ahles
New York University, Abu Dhabi
Neuroscience of Language Lab

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> Subject: [FieldTrip] Correction baseline : removing the mean value or
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> Hi,
> I would need your opinion, please.
> Generally, the baseline correction means to remove a mean value from
> each epoch. I am wondering if a high pass filter, applied on the whole
> recorded signal, can perform the baseline correction.
> What do you think?
> Regards
> Emmanuelle
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> Emmanuelle KRISTENSEN
> Doctorante au Gipsa-Lab
> Equipe VIBS
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