[FieldTrip] Events in ANT data files

"Jörn M. Horschig" jm.horschig at donders.ru.nl
Tue Sep 24 14:49:04 CEST 2013

Hi Dave,

at least for my data, the events are stored in a separate trigger 
channel stored with the .trg file. Also, I don't have a .evt-file. The 
ft_read_events code reads in the name of the .cnt file and then searches 
for the corresponding .trg file to read in the trigger values and 
events. If no .trg file exists, it throws a warning. I don't think these 
triggers are read in from somewhere else. Maybe you can debug 
ft_read_events to find out what is happening in your case (open Matlab, 
type in 'edit ft_read_events', go to line 599 and add a breakpoint 
there, then execture your code)/


On 9/24/2013 12:57 AM, Dave Britton wrote:
> How are events properly accessed in ANT eep_cnt files? There are three 
> file types generated by the ANT data acquisition system, .cnt (the 
> continuous data), .trg (the triggers) and .evt (events?) I am having a 
> problem with missing entries in the trg files, and I wondered if the 
> problem is just the trg file or if the data are also missing in the 
> cnt or evt files. Is there a way to access the evt files to check this 
> out? I notice that when I use the ft_databrowser routine, I will see 
> vertical separators labelled with trigger codes (sometimes in 
> unexpected places), so I suspect that the read_eep routine is able to 
> get these codes from somewhere other than the trg files. Is this so?
> -Dave
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