[FieldTrip] Events in ANT data files

Dave Britton dave at davebritton.com
Tue Sep 24 00:57:47 CEST 2013

How are events properly accessed in ANT eep_cnt files? There are three 
file types generated by the ANT data acquisition system, .cnt (the 
continuous data), .trg (the triggers) and .evt (events?) I am having a 
problem with missing entries in the trg files, and I wondered if the 
problem is just the trg file or if the data are also missing in the cnt 
or evt files. Is there a way to access the evt files to check this out? 
I notice that when I use the ft_databrowser routine, I will see vertical 
separators labelled with trigger codes (sometimes in unexpected places), 
so I suspect that the read_eep routine is able to get these codes from 
somewhere other than the trg files. Is this so?

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