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"Jörn M. Horschig" jm.horschig at donders.ru.nl
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Dear Roger,

indeed we had this error also the Donders from time to time. We tried to 
figure out where the error comes from, but then were not quite able to 
find the source. However, we were using an older version of acq2ftx back 
then, and with the new version there was no such problem. but also the 
experiment I was running was much shorter than before.
Anyway, for us it helped to restart the computer (to reset the shared 
memory segment) before each experiment and then hope for the best. It 
would be great if you guys could have a closer look at when this error 
shows up and what settings you are using. So, e.g., how long does it 
take until the error shows up? What channels are you streaming and at 
what sampling frequency? Under what circumstances does the error not 
occur? Maybe also check the time when it occurs, we had some trouble 
here once with a cronjob running around noon :)

I am sorry if this all does not really help you much, but I was quite 
satisfied that it did work out for our experiments in the end, so I did 
not spend much more time in investigating those earlier cases were we 
did have this error as well. If you could provide some more information 
though, we can maybe finally find the source of this error.


On 9/6/2013 5:31 PM, Dr. Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi,
> we've got frequent messages from the acq2ftx-program followed by a 
> stop of its data transmission:
> .............
> Data |  70 samples | ID= 397 | slot=596 | dT=  0.0  mT= 51.9 sT=1341.2
> Internal converter thread does not keep up with the load.
> Data |  70 samples | ID= 398 | slot=597 | dT=  0.0  mT= 51.9 sT=1341.1
> Data |  70 samples | ID= 399 | slot=598 | dT=  0.1  mT= 51.9 sT=1341.0
> Internal converter thread does not keep up with the load.
> Data |  70 samples | ID= 400 | slot=599 | dT=  0.0  mT= 51.9 sT=1340.9
> Internal converter thread does not keep up with the load.
> Waiting (on 0)
> Waiting (on 0)
> Waiting (on 0)
> ...
> This sounds as if there is a performance problem, most probably with 
> the CPU?
> Does / Has this also happen/ed at the Donders? I wonder a bit wether 
> VSM has  installed different types of PCs. Our PC has four physical 
> cores with 3.4GHz each which should normally be enough for these tasks 
> ...
> Regards, Roger
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