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Tue May 21 10:18:58 CEST 2013


i have a problems in ft_read_event. if you help me please

I try to follow all instructions on the tutorial: 'Preprocessing and
analysis of spike and local field potential data'

>> spike=ft_read_spike(filename)

spike =

        label: {'Elec_1_Neuron_1'  'Elec_2_Neuron_1'  'Elec_3_Neuron_1'}
    timestamp: {[1x20246 int32]  [1x9126 int32]  [1x74291 int32]}
     waveform: {[0x20246 double]  [0x9126 double]  [0x74291 double]}
         unit: {[1x20246 double]  [1x9126 double]  [1x74291 double]}
          hdr: [1x1 struct]
       dimord: '{chan}_lead_time_spike'

>> header=ft_read_header(filename)

header =

                nChans: 94
                    Fs: 781.2500
              nSamples: 862310
               nTrials: 1
           nSamplesPre: 0
                 label: {94x1 cell}
        FirstTimeStamp: 70433310
    TimeStampPerSample: 32
                  orig: [1x1 struct]
              chantype: {94x1 cell}
              chanunit: {94x1 cell}


evaluating trialfunction 'trialfun_stimon_samples'

??? Error using ==> fseek
Not enough input arguments.

Error in ==> read_nex_event at 49
status = fseek(fid,hdr.varheader(mrkvarnum).offset,'bof');

Error in ==> ft_read_event at 1528
    event = read_nex_event(filename);

Error in ==> trialfun_stimon_samples at 3
event = ft_read_event(cfg.dataset);

Error in ==> ft_definetrial at 157
    trl   = feval(cfg.trialfun, cfg);
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