[FieldTrip] select trial by previous trigger code

Stan van Pelt s.vanpelt at fcdonders.ru.nl
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Dear Mads,

It is not possible to do this automatically. However, by writing your own
'trialfun', you should be able to program this in a relative
straightforward manner. You can enter this trialfun-name in the
cfg.trialfun configuration option when subsequently calling


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Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible select a trail based on the
previous trigger code?

I got a dataset (MEG, neuromeg) where sometimes the subject just press a
button and sometimes a cue is shown and they then press the button, the
button presses are coded "1" and the cue "2". So, what I would like is to
datasets one with trials where there has been no cue and one dataset where
the trials that have cue is. Is that possible to do automatically or do I
have to do a "by hand"?

best wishes,
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