[FieldTrip] problem appending data

Gabriel Gonzalez Escamilla ggonesc at upo.es
Fri Jun 28 18:28:57 CEST 2013

Dear Fieldtrip experts,

I'm working with restin-state EEG data, I'm looking for performing EEG coherence analysis between my normal EEG channels and a channel from the same subject but aquired with a different name

I did: data = ft_appenddata([], dataEEG_allchans, dataEEG_1chan)
and it did concatenate the one single channel at the end of the dataEEG_allchans, so now I have a matrix with Nchans+1, that looks perfect to me, then I did perform fourier transformations with a hanning window, and workded perfectly, but if I set 
cfg.channelcbm={'all', 'ref-P7'}

I always get the following error:
???? attempted to access siz(4); index out of bounds because numel(siz=3)
Error in ==> ft_checkdata>fixcsd at 798

I have also tried something like:
cfg.channelcbm={{1x40cell}, 'ref-P7'}
where {1x40 cell} is a cell matrix containing the names of all my sensors

but it didn't worked.

Any help will be appreciated

Many thanks in advanced,

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