[FieldTrip] fixed dipole orientation for MNE

Yuval Harpaz yuvharpaz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 14:58:15 CEST 2013

Dear group
I would like to ask again (
about head model with fixed dipole orientation (obtained from freesurfer),
as I saw no reply to the previous message.

I understand that there is no civilized way, currently, to tell MNE or
beamforming to use fixed orientation, or am I wrong?

applying 'sam' I managed to set dipole orinetation by making a dip.mom
field in addition to dip.pos and by
gain = lf;
instead of the existing
gain = lf * UnitMDip';
note that here lf is a vector (no 3 columns).

However this is patchy and not thorough. So can you please tell me if there
is a way to do it with regular ft functions?
thank you

Dr .Harpaz

BIU MEG lab <http://faculty.biu.ac.il/~goldsa/index.html>
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