[FieldTrip] calculating the ITC or PLV from animal EEG data

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Dear Russell,

There's an important detail that you may have glossed over, and relates indeed to the difference between PLV and ITC.

ITC can be defined within a single electrode (i.e. it is a univariate measure), and it quantifies the phase  consistency across observations, of oscillations relative to an event of interest.
PLC can only be defined across two electrodes (i.e. it is a bivariate measure), and it quantifies the phase difference consistency across observations, of oscillations (i.e. relative to one another).

The reference electrode does not count as a second electrode in this case. 

In other words, it looks like you can only compute ITC. In order to visualize it, you can do something like this:

freqnew = freq;
freqnew = rmfield(freq, 'fourierspctrm');
freqnew.powspctrm = itc;

cfg = ... (build the cfg according to your needs)
figure;ft_singleplotER(cfg, freqnew);

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On Jan 3, 2013, at 11:02 PM, Russell G Port wrote:

> Hello All,
> I was hoping someone could lend me a hand with an issue I have. I have animal EEG sets, which I have processed with fieldtrip. Each animal had 1 hippocampal
> electrode and one reference electrode, and were run in a CED system. From the way it was setup in the past; each animal was listed as a channel. I.E. channel 1 
> corresponded to animal 1, etc etc. When I read it into fieldtrip,as would be correct normally each channel is again an animal and each run it a data set (which 
> would normally be a subject). This is fine, since I have found ways to work around this, and can also separate each animal's data into seperate data sets
> and rename their channel "electrode 1". What interests me though is computing the phase-locking value over trials, and/or making grand averages of the phase-locking
> value over certain conditions (a certain subset of mice), I think another name for this phase-locking value would be intertrial coherence..? I am found useful things on 
> this board, i.e. to use ft_connectivityanlaysis, or using
> tmpdat = freq.fourierspctrm;
> tmpdat = tmpdat./abs(tmpdat); ; % this will normalise each trial for its amplitude;
> itc = abs(mean(tmpdat)); % this will give the itc
> From reading other messages I know that everyone on this board is knowledgeable. How would other people compute this PLV for the kind of data I have? Is it the same as
> ITC? I assume theres critical details that I am glossing over. Lastly is there a way using ft_singleplotERS, to plot this PLV measure (or atleast measure of 
> coherence), since when plotting cross-spectra you would need a reference channel?
> Thanks
> Russell Port
> Upenn Neuroscience Graduate Group
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