[FieldTrip] ft_selectdata_new, how does it work ??

Fanny fanny.lachat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 16:56:20 CET 2013

Dear fieldtrip users,

I am trying to use the function* ft_selectdata_new * on my data.
I have time-frequency data that come from ft_freqanalysis.

I want to average my data over the frequency of interest (10-12Hz).

Here is my script :

cfg = [ ];
cfg.parameter  = 'powspctrm';
cfg.frequency    = [10 12];
cfg.avgoverfreq  = 'yes';
cfg.latency   = [-0.7 1];
cfg.avgovertime = 'no';

avg_10_12 = ft_selectdata_new (cfg,mydata);

This doesn't work : 'Undefined function 'ft_selectdata_new' for input
arguments of type 'struct'.

What should I change in my script in order for it to work ?
(I tried with : ft_selectdata_new (cfg,mydata.powspctrm));

Thank you in advance !

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