[FieldTrip] Combined EEG and MEG source reconstruction

Mushfa Yousuf mushfa.yousuf at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 28 20:20:31 CET 2013

Hello Fieldtrippers,

I am currently doing source analysis using beamformer method in fieldtrip.
The data i work on is a simultaneous measurement of MEG (306) with EEG
(128) on PD patients.

I was successful in calculating the sources for both the modalities alone.

I tried according the tutorial "Combined EEG and MEG source
reconstruction" and was successful till the estimation
of the lead field. But, then when i want to use the created vol for the
source analysis i have two structures one for EEG and the second one for
MEG. Now, i can only define only one to estimate the sources. How to use
this for both the modalities? Any help would be appreciated.

With regards
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