[FieldTrip] Preprocessing before connectivity analysis and model order

Subramaniam Iyer eeguser at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 25 22:52:49 CET 2013

Dear FieldTrip users

I  am trying to compute PDC from a set of EEG data from 10 subjects. I have three questions regarding connectivity analysis.

1) Since the data has artifacts (EOG,EMG) , would it be alright to preprocess the data using for ex. ICA ? This wikipedia article says, its not advisable : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_connectivity_estimators#DTF_and_PDC_are_not_influenced_by_volume_conduction. What would be your opinion ? Is there any article that would shed some light on this ?
2) How do I compute the model order in FieldTrip ? Before that, how can I check if the data is stable and stationary before computing the MVAR model in FieldTrip ?
3) How do I compute the threshold for PDC above which I can safely assume, a link exists between two regions ?

Thanks in advance.Subbu 		 	   		  
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