[FieldTrip] Low-pass filter before resampling?

Wunderle, Thomas thomas.wunderle at esi-frankfurt.de
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Hi all,
I was also thinking about resampling data recently.
The reason is that I saw (as Eelke mentioned) that the Matlab "resample" function applies a Kaiser window function to lowpass filter the data before (down/resampling).
Now, I was not sure if this can create a problem for directed connectivity analysis (like Granger connectivity), because you apply a non-causal kernel which "contaminates" a
given moment in time with the future.
I'm not an expert enough to see through if this is a problem for methods like Granger which rely on predicting a signal given the data in the past.
If so, one should be careful in using non-causal filters e.g. for resampling. 
At the moment I'm using the Matlab function "resample" with the option "0" ( like: y = resample(data,D,N,0)  ), which does then nearest neighbor interpolation.
What's your opinions about that topic?


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Oops, I was looking in the wrong part of the code for ft_resampledata (usetime = 1, while I should have been looking at usefsample = 1).
There, it is clear that Matlab's resample() is being used, which tells me in the documentation "resample applies an anti-aliasing (lowpass) FIR filter to x during the resampling process. It designs the filter using firls with a Kaiser window." So, it is definitely not needed.

Sorry for filling up your inboxes :)

On 12 December 2013 09:45, Eelke Spaak <eelke.spaak at donders.ru.nl> wrote:
> Hi all,
> A quick question: in your experience, is it necessary (or advisable) 
> to explicitly apply a low-pass filter (using e.g. ft_preprocessing) 
> before calling ft_resampledata? I previously assumed ft_resampledata 
> (or the low-level implementation, pchip) was taking care of this, but 
> looking in the code I cannot find evidence for or against my 
> assumption.
> Thanks,
> Eelke
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