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Hi Nicholas,

It seems that the fif files lacks some information that FieldTrip assumes to be present. I would say that this can only be caused by the fact that the version of mne_make_source_space you used does not write the triangle area information into the fif file. Could you go to bugzilla.fcdonders.nl, create yourself an account, and file the issue as a bug? Please then also upload the fif-file you mentioned. I'll have a look at it and make the ft_read_headshape function more robust. In the mean time you could comment out line 421. 


On Dec 10, 2013, at 6:23 PM, Nicholas Heugel wrote:

> I a trying to go through the tutorial for the 
> Source reconstruction of event-related fields using minimum-norm estimate
> I am able to run everything up to the MNE with no problem, and it seems like the MNE portion works.  But when I run the command bnd = ft_read_headshape('Subject01-oct-6-src.fif', 'format', 'mne_source');
> and then plot it to visualize the source space.  I get the error Reference to non-existent field 'use_tri_area'. Error in ft_read_headshape (line 421) shape.area = [src(1).use_tri_area(:); src(2).use_tri_area(:)];
>  I have looked on this site and online and can't find an explanation of what is wrong or how to fix the problem.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am using an Anatomical MRI scan for the head model analysis, the skull is present and I manually am Identifying the fiducials.    Also, a few steps earlier it had me check the white matter segmentation done by Freesurfer and that worked fine and what I get closely resembles the tutorial.  So I think the problem is somewhere in the MNE I am just not sure where.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time.
> Nicholas
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