[FieldTrip] ft_topoplotCC question

Bart Michiels michielb at tcd.ie
Wed Dec 18 09:48:40 CET 2013

Hi all,

So I have a matrix with the
size: 63 X 12 X 128 X 128 X 6
- Subject 1:30 patients, 31:63 controls
- Connectivity different kinds of connectivity measures (dtf, coherence,
- CHANa, CHANb: channels from biosemi128 layout
- Freq: connectivity measures at different frequencies (2Hz, 5.5Hz, 10.5Hz,

*Current way of doing it*
I want to plot the grand average (patient-control comparison) into one
What I am doing now is:
1) Looking for significant values: ttest2 for all patient and all controls
nested in 4 for-loops.
Sweeping trough connectivity, frequency, first channel and second channel.
Where 1st and 2d channel can't be equal)
2) Taking the grand average of patient and controls, multiplying with H0
reject/accept binary matrix resulting in zero connectivity strengths for
non significant values and saving the connectivity matrix in 2 structures
3) Manually updating the rest of the CONN_PAT and CONN_CON fields (such as
frequencies of interest) and eventually using it as an input for
ft_topoplotCC. (one figure for every connectivity measure)

1) It appears that ft_topoplotCC doesn't really look at the data field (eg
cohspctrm) of CONN_PAT or CONN_CON, not declaring width of lines or opacity
results in plotting all the connection lines, Am I doing something wrong?
2) If using the data field (eg plvspctrm) for controlling the opacity,
shouldn't I first normalize the data? Eg: (data-average)/std(data) or
/max(data) ?
3) How can I plot all the frequencies in different colors? I tried to use
the hold on; hold off; command in a for loop for all frequencies but it
does plot new figures.
4) Is there a way for plotting patients and controls in 1 figure? CONN_PAT
- CONN_CON isn't a good way a one can get negative values.

Any ideas for plotting all this information in a matrix are more then

Bests, Bart
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