[FieldTrip] frequency analysis

Raghavan Gopalakrishnan gopalar.ccf at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 18:35:59 CET 2013

I have a few questions regarding frequency analysis using wavelets.

1. Is it possible to z-score the TF spectrograms? Is so how and where
should I specify the baseline?
2. Before grand averaging ERFs, the pipeline has 'megrealign' to make sure
all sensors from multi subject are matched. However, why is this not
performed before grand averaging time-frequency data since the powspctrm is
specific to each channel?
3. Is combineplanar a necessary step before any grand averaging i.e. ERF or
TFR? I am using neuromag data, so can I perform grand averaging and
statistics without combineplanar?
4. Fieldtrip only reads neuromag FIF files that has been processed through
maxfilter. There are times when there is a need not to use maxfilter, is
there a work around?

Thanks very much.
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