[FieldTrip] Course: Practical data analysis and modeling in cognitive and clinical neuroscience, April 14-18, Gent, Beligum

Daniele Marinazzo daniele.marinazzo at ugent.be
Wed Dec 11 13:09:03 CET 2013

Hi all

The Multidisciplinary Research Partnership in
part of the Institute for
Neuroscience<http://www.instituteforneuroscience.com/> at
Ghent University, with the support of the INCF program for Teaching and
Training <http://www.incf.org/programs/training-committee>, is organizing
an international 5-day training course, focusing on *data analysis in
cognitive and clinical neuroscience*. The participants will be able to
design and implement pipelines for effective and reproducible experiments.

The course will be held at the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogical
Sciences of the university of Ghent, from april 14 to April 18, 2014.

There will be two theoretical talks in the morning, describing the state fo
the art of specific steps of neuroimaging based reseach, and
application-oriented short lectures followed by hands on sessions in the
afternoon; some of them parallel for the focus on EEG or fMRI.

Target audience

The course is open to PhD students and young postdoctoral researchers who
use neuroimaging data for their experiments in psychology and clinical

Ideally the candidates are in the stage of having already acquired part of
their dataset, or they are about to design their own experiment. Applicants
are encouraged to present their dataset in the application (format,
subjects, conditions,etc), and to bring a sample of it to the School, where
they will have the chance to analyze it under the guidance of the lecturers.

More info and registration on the school website


Daniele Marinazzo --
Department of Data Analysis
Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences, Gent University
Henri Dunantlaan 1, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
+32 (0) 9 264 6375

*School: Data analysis in experimental and clinical neuroscience, Gent,
April 14-18 2014* <http://www.da.ugent.be/school2014>
*Frontiers Research Topic: Information based methods for neuroimaging data

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