[FieldTrip] topoplotER - how to plot a selection of channels ?

franziska.bilger at uni-ulm.de franziska.bilger at uni-ulm.de
Wed Aug 7 11:23:50 CEST 2013

Dear subscribers,

I´m using fieldtrip to analyze the data for my bachelor thesis (topic:  
motor imagery in patientens in vegetative state) and I would be happy  
to get some help concerning the function ft_topoplotER.

Originally, my data derives from a 256-channel system, but I only like  
to plot a selection of 60 channels above the motor cortex.
This is my Region of Interest.
When I´m now plotting the data from these 60 channels with  
ft_topoplotER I receive a figure, which shows the plotted activation  
over the whole cortex.

My Question: Is there a possibility to plot only the activation in my  
Region of Interest/over the selected 60 channels above the motor cortex?

This would result in a figure where there´s only activation shown over  
the motor cortex and the rest of the plot is blank/white.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

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