[FieldTrip] Quality of beamforming on MNI template vs single-subject MRI

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Dear Andrea,

¿Did you normalize the volume of the individuals after source reconstruction and before doing statistics? If not, this might explain the difference.



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El 04/04/2013, a las 14:18, Andrea Brovelli escribió:

> Dear all,
> I used DICS and compared the quality of the beamforming using two different source spaces (3D grids):
> 1) MNI template space as described in http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/example/create_single-subject_grids_in_individual_head_space_that_are_all_aligned_in_mni_space
> 2) Single subject 3D grid using anatomical MRI
> The number of sources in the two models is similar (approx. 3500 sources). However, the results using the MNI template are less significant. That is, the statistical analysis testing a significant increase in power post-stimulus with respect to baseline give higher p-values (in some region of interest).
> Questions:
> Does anyone know why ?
> Is the use of the MNI template the only (and best) way to allow statistical analysis across subjects in the source space ?
> thanks a lot
> Andrea
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