[FieldTrip] Having troubles with Emotiv + Fieldtrip + Matlab

Ricardo Jorge landpt at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 12:25:47 CEST 2012

Hello there,

I'm new to Fieldtrip: I've been assigned to work with signals acquired
by Emotiv in Matlab environment, specially in real-time - or at least
almost real-time - so I can work and study these signals with my own
Matlab's functions. However, here's the bad thing: we did not expect
it to be that complicated to extract signals directly to Matlab.

While searching for any module, program, anything I could find, to
help our problem, I found Fieldtrip. Correct me if I am wrong, but it
seems that it is able to stream/buffer from emotiv's sdk to matlab.

The problem is that we do not have that much experience with compiling
C programs, hence I am having a really hard time to understand what do
you mean with:

We provide a simple Makefile for the MinGW compiler, but you will need
the Emotiv SDK. Please go to the realtime/datasource/emotiv directory
and type make or mingw32-make. Note that you might need to compile the
libbuffer library first."

Here's what I did so far:

1. I have installed Matlab r2011b 64-bit and Emotiv SDK Research Edition;

2. I installed MinGW and set the path of the /bin in environmental variables;

3. I downloaded all these files from:

4. Then I went cmd and tried to do: mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc
which obviously failed: it said it was missing a file "Ftbuffer.h". I
assumed it was the libbuffer library, however I can't seem to find it
anywhere in the Internet (just some site that would ask me to install
Makestuff application, which I did and was unsuccessful.
I found a "buffer" folder in fieldtrip release but I dont think it's that.
Hence I tried to download the Ftbuffer.h itself from internet and put
it in the folder where emotiv2ft was. It worked, but then it started
to ask others files.... and more.. and more..

So, obviously I'm stuck right here.
Can you help me right here? What should I do? Have I done something wrong?
I've read this discussion list and found one thread quite related to
this - but his problem was not having research edition, which in fact,
I do have it.

I'm sorry bothering you with probably authentic beginner questions,
but as I said, I only have high experience with Matlab.

Best Regards,

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