[FieldTrip] problem with ft_freqanalysis

Nenad Polomac polomacnenad at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 11:46:34 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I have one problem with the ft_freqanalysis. When I calculate
time-frequency analysis with the Hanning taper everything works ok, but
when I try to plot data with ft_multiplotTFR or ft_topoplotTFR I get empty
plots. You can check that in the attached image. However, when I calculate
time-frequency with the multitapers plot looks  fine. Here is my
problematic code:

%Hanning taper
cfg              = [];
cfg.output       = 'pow';
cfg.channel      = 'MEG';
cfg.method       = 'mtmconvol';
cfg.taper        = 'hanning';
cfg.foi          = 2:2:30;
cfg.t_ftimwin    = ones(length(cfg.foi),1).*0.5;   % length of time window
= 0.5 sec
cfg.toi          = -0.5:0.05:1.5;                  % time window "slides"
from -0.5 to 1.5 sec in steps of 0.05 sec
cfg.polyremoval = -1;
wr11_freq = ft_freqanalysis(cfg, data_clean);

cfg = [];
cfg.baseline     = [-0.2 -0.1];
cfg.baselinetype = 'absolute';
cfg.zlim         = [-4e-29 1e-28];
cfg.showlabels   = 'yes';
cfg.layout = 'CTF275.lay';
cfg.colorbar= 'yes';
cfg.interactive= 'yes';
cfg.hotkeys = 'yes';
ft_multiplotTFR(cfg, wr11_freq);

Please help!
Thank you in advance!

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