[FieldTrip] one EEG channel as trigger channel

Steph veganathlete at ymail.com
Wed Oct 3 18:20:00 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I'm new to Fieldtrip and I've been reading through the tutorial and 
reference pages, but still not able to solve my problem:

there's raw EEG data, and one of the channels contains the trigger 
codes, i.e. it's not a trigger channel per se, so it can't be adressed 
via cfg.trialdef.eventtype.
I want to get through the preprocessing, but simply don't know how to 
properly define the event.

maybe writing my own trialfunction similar to 
might be the solution? I don't get the last few lines of the example 
script, though.

Hope you can help me make this work!
Best wishes

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