[FieldTrip] averaging FT_FREQANALYSIS.

Fanny fanny.lachat at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 16:27:41 CET 2012

Dear Fieldtrip Users,

I have analysed my EEG data using

I am now  interested in averaging this time frequency data for each subject
and each electrode  on particular frequency (for example between 8 & 13 Hz)
and on particular time (between for example  1sec & 1.2 sec).

My goal is to have for each suject
-for the powspctrm only the values that correspond to the results of this
-for the time and for the freq only 1 number

I will alos want to plot the results after. (using ft_topoplotTFR).

I have failed to find how to do that. I have tryed many different methods.
I even tried calling cfg.method    = 'stats';
cfg.statistic = 'mean';

Could someone help me ?

thank you in advance

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