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Stephen Politzer-Ahles politzerahless at gmail.com
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With ft_topoplotER, you can plot the average activation over a time
interval rather than activation at a single point, using cfg.xlim; this
apparently is not possible with ft_clusterplot (although I haven't used
clusterplot recently). And the functionality of ft_clusterplot can be
replicated by using cfg.highlightchannel. There is an example at
can also send you my script, which is based on that), although it's
time-locked ERPs; I'm not sure if things will work differently for
time-frequency data.

Steve Politzer-Ahles

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> Subject: [FieldTrip] subplot clusterplot
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> Hi,
> I am performing a monte-carlo cluster statistic, comparing a 200 ms
> activation period and a baseline of a spectrogram.
> I get positive and negative clusters which are significant, and would like
> to plot them using ft_clusterplot.
> However, the function gives me 7 subplot (for 7 timepoints) , all so small
> that one is barely able to identify the highlighted channels.
> Therefore, I would either like to only plot 1 big topoplot or arrange the
> subplots differently. Is there a way to plot only one timepoint?
> I would appreciate any help,
> Best,
> Fanny
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