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Ole Jensen ole.jensen at donders.ru.nl
Wed Mar 21 15:28:58 CET 2012

Dear colleagues,

We would like to announce (2nd announcement) the data analysis 
competition at the Biomag2012 meeting (Paris, Aug 26-30). Please 
encourage students and postdocs to participate. There were some 
technical glitches in the data after the 1st announcement. They are now 

With best wishes,

Ole Jensen and Ali Bahramisharif


*Biomag2012 analysis competition - distributed representations

The decoding of mental states and neuronal representations from brain 
imaging data is a research field in rapid development (Spiers HJ, 
Maguire EA. Decoding human brain activity during real-world experiences. 
Trends Cogn Sci. 2007 ; Haynes JD, Rees G. Decoding mental states from 
brain activity in humans. Nat Rev Neurosci. 2006). These decoding 
approaches have a great potential in MEG research where data are 
recorded from hundreds of sensors with a millisecond time resolution. In 
particular cognitive neuroscience could benefit from further development 
of decoding approaches in order to identify representational specific 
brain activity.
The aim of the competition is to:

  * Promote the development and application of new multivariate analysis
    techniques for decoding of brain activity
  * Make the audience aware of novel approaches
  * Elucidate the pros and cons of the different techniques
      o Which assumptions are behind a given approach?
      o What are the limitations?
  * Attract signal-processing experts from outside the MEG field
  * Encourage a discussion on the cognitive insight the techniques can
    bring about

The deadline for submitting results is Aug 17, 2012.

Ole Jensen

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