[FieldTrip] ICA problem

qi li lihqih at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 18:10:16 CET 2012

Hi there,

I am having trouble to prepare neighbors of the channels after I do
the ICA with the following commands,

cfg            = [];
cfg.method = 'runica';
comp           = ft_componentanalysis(cfg, datas)

Then I remove the bad components by

cfg.component=[2 5];

now I want to prepare the neighbors
cfg.neighbours = ft_prepare_neighbours(cfg, data_c);

I have the following error message,

'undoing the invcomp balancing
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in undobalancing (line 25)
      tra3(iy,iy) = (eye(numel(ix))+tmp(ix,ix))*tra1(iy,iy);

Error in channelposition (line 39)
sens = undobalancing(sens);

Error in ft_datatype_sens (line 95)
        [chanpos, chanori, chanlab] = channelposition(sens, 'channel', 'all');

Error in ft_datatype_raw (line 95)
      data.grad = ft_datatype_sens(data.grad);

Error in ft_checkdata (line 177)
  data = ft_datatype_raw(data, 'hassampleinfo', hassampleinfo);

Error in ft_prepare_neighbours (line 84)
if hasdata, data = ft_checkdata(data); end'.

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