[FieldTrip] ft_sourcemovie - ignore earlier email with this subject

Magyari, Lilla Lilla.Magyari at mpi.nl
Fri Jun 15 14:35:50 CEST 2012

Dear all,
sorry for my latest email. It went totally to the wrong address.


Jörn M. Horschig wrote:
> Dear FieldTrip list,
> As you know, there are several getting started sections on our wiki-page:
> http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/getting_started
> Unfortunately, however, we (the FieldTrip development team) are no 
> expert for all different dataformats, mainly because at the Donders 
> Institute, we do not work with all those data formats. You, on the other 
> hand, might be an expert. In order to provide good documentation, we 
> therefore rely on your input as well and would like to ask your help. 
> First, we want to get started with BrainVision data.
> 1) What would you like to see in the Getting Started guide?
> 2) What explanation would you like to see there that is specific to 
> BrainVision data?
> 3) Is there any particular example code that you would like to be shown 
> there?
> 4) Are there particular problems you encountered (and solved) with 
> reading in and working with BrainVision data in FieldTrip? What are 
> these problems and what are the solutions?
> 5) Are there questions you always asked yourself about using BrainVision 
> data with FieldTrip?
> It would be great if you share this information with us. Feel free to 
> write whatever you want, any information is useful (preferably of course 
> some elaborations and explanation so that we can put this information 
> there). If you are working with other data, feel free to also answer 
> this mail on a more general note, but we will ask separately for other 
> data formats in near future.
> On behalf of the FieldTrip development team,
> Jörn

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