[FieldTrip] Source localization using DICS for EEG data from combined MEG/EEG recordings

Marcel Heers marcel.heers at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 26 11:31:32 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I am trying to perform source localization in the frequency domain
from EEG data using DICS. The data were recorded combined with MEG
(Neuromag data format).  The volume conductor is a 3 shell realistic
head model created with bemcp.
When running DICS with the following settings

cfg                   = [];
cfg.method       = 'dics';
cfg.grad            = elec;
cfg.frequency    = 14;
cfg.vol              = vol_eeg;
cfg.dics.projectnoise = 'yes';
cfg.dics.lambda       = 5;
source = ft_sourceanalysis(cfg, freq);

I am am getting the following error message:

??? Error using ==> svd
Input to SVD must not contain NaN or Inf.

Error in ==> beamformer_dics>pinv at 568
  [U,S,V] = svd(A,0);

Error in ==> beamformer_dics at 314
        filt = pinv(lf' * invCf * lf) * lf' * invCf;              %
Gross eqn. 3, use
        PINV/SVD to cover rank deficient leadfield

Error in ==> ft_sourceanalysis at 584
      dip(i) = beamformer_dics(grid, sens, vol, [],
squeeze(Cf(i,:,:)), optarg{:});

and I am not sure what might be the cause.

Maybe anyone can help me! Thank you in advance!


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