[FieldTrip] errors with ft_definetrial

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Hi Sylvia, What values exactly do you get for the 'trial' and 'trigger' event types? If, for instance, you have the values 1 and 2 (e.g. for conditions 1 and 2 respectively) for the 'trigger' event type, you can specifically read condition 1 by using: cfg.trialdef.eventtype = 'trigger'; cfg.trialdef.eventvalue = 1;  and more generally cfg.trialdef.prestim = 1; % one second before trigger with value 1 cfg.trialdef.poststim = 2; % two seconds after trigger with value 1 Hope this solves your problem? Arjen ----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
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> Onderwerp: [FieldTrip] errors with ft_definetrial
> Hello,
>  I'm trying to timelock to a specific event in an epoch and I'm
> having some difficulty setting it up in matlab. When not specifying an
> event, i.e. using '?', it identifies two types of events 'trial'
> and 'trigger' as well as the values. The problem I'm having is that
> there are two different triggers per trial and I am interested in only
> one of them, however when I specify cfg.trialdef.eventtype = 'trigger'
> and the cfg.trialdef.eventvalue = 'triggername', I get an error that
> no trials were defined. Is there a way to isolate the specific
> trigger without having to code a trial function. Thank you in advance
> for your time.
>  -Sylvia
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